What's New

Farmers and Merchants Bank of South Carolina is proud to announce our new ATM located at 102 William Clark Boulevard, Santee, South Carolina.


Farmers and Merchants Bank of SC does not conduct any phone surveys. Should you be contacted by someone who indicates that they are representing Farmers and Merchants Bank of SC, please hang up and contact your local branch office.

If you receive a message via email or text stating "BANK NOTICE Your VISA debit/cards has been temporarily deactivated. Please call VISA reactivation line (803) 720-5155." THIS is a SCAM! Please do not give out any personal information. We have no control over this message being sent out.


We have made a decision to block all authorizations that may be attempted on your VISA Debit cards from foreign countries.  If you are traveling to a foreign country please contact your local branch.

If you are traveling within the United States we have blocked specific merchants from accepting signature swiped transactions.  To avoid any transaction issues please use your pin number at all point of sales.  Any further issues please contact your local branch.

Mortgage Rates


Interest rates on mortgage loans are subject to change due to market fluctuations.


Please call 803-496-5945 for our current rates.




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